Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Take a bullet for Paige

I've resisted saying anything about the tragedy at Virginia Tech since there's little I can add that will shed any light on the darkness that seems to lurk so close to the surface of our lives.

Then this morning I read what Paige Patterson had to say about the subject.

In case you don't follow the tawdry world of the current Southern Baptist Convention, you may not recognize the name. After being part of the gang of thugs that hijacked the SBC in the 1980's for the sin being too Liberal ("liberal" and "Baptist" are two words one seldom see in close proximity to each other), Paige was rewarded with the Presidency of Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary. After eviscerating it, he took on the Presidency of Southwestern Baptists Theological Seminary in Fort Worth, Texas, turning a once respected part of the community into a local embarrassment.

In his personal site, he opines that if only a few of the students had been willing to charge the shooter, this would have averted greater bloodshed. He goes on to say that if such a thing were to happen at the Seminary, he'd expect the men (but not the ladies) to do the Right Thing ("I am still just old-fashioned enough to believe that men are responsible to protect women and children." says he).

"We must seize opportunities like this tragedy to teach the virtues of courage and sacrifice," declares Dr. Patterson.

Yeah, right. So, let's see Paige. What you're saying is...?

I don't even want to go there.

As with the situation in Iraq, it's a lot easier to urge sacrifice when you aren't the one who's going to be making it.

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