Monday, December 03, 2007

This year's Nanowrimo effort -- not even close

Well, Nanowrimo ended on Friday night, and alas, my number count came up wanting. Instead of the required 50,000 words, I could only muster around 29,000. Still, after a month, I've got a good start on my next novel.

Many events contributed to my shortfall, but my lack of concentration was by far the biggest. Case in point: Thursday night I planned to jam out at least 4,000 to 5,000 words. Then at 4:00 PM my boss came and asked me if I could put together a bunch of stats on something I oversee, for a 7:00 AM meeting on Friday. I finally emailed a spreadsheet of crunched numbers around midnight.

My next goal is to see how much progress I can make by year's end.

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Dan Brekke said...

Belatedly: 29,000? That's a pretty nice start, Dr. Ralph. Good luck on it in 2008, or whatever this is.

I'm currently reading "Oracle Night," by Paul Auster, which deals with novel-writing. If nothing else, Auster's a great storyteller.