Saturday, August 09, 2008

Help Wanted: must be willing to relocate

Are you an unemployed spook?

Polish up your resume.

I don't know what part of my search criteria kicked this out, but thought the following might be something I'd be interested in (warning: it may be delisted before you read it).

DynCorp International, which bills itself as a "Global Integration Solutions" provider (i.e. another corporate-run mercenary outfit like Blackwater), is looking to fill the following position in Baghdad.

    Senior Human Intelligence Advisor

    Duty Description:

    Assigned as senior intelligence advisor on matters concerning human Intelligence and counter-terrorism matters. Provides advise on collection, intelligence analysis, and investigations related to terrorists groups, insurgency, criminal activities, and related threats to include subversion, sabotage, and espionage threats . Knowledgeable on matters pertaining to criminal intelligence including organized crime, financial tracking and kidnapping for profit. Mentors and assists the Director, Counter-terrorism Directorate, NIIA and his senior staff on the development of a concept of operations, organizational structure, policies and procedures. Also advises the Director on developing an intelligence architecture, training plan, basing and equipping requirements. Will employ the following methods in interactions with Iraqi officials: continuous personal contact to establish mutual trust, confidence, and confidentiality; presentation of substantive material on general and specific subjects; assistance for development, implementation, and oversight of policies and processes that enable them to fulfill their individual and organizational professional responsibilities; assistance for the application of policies and processes to current priority challenges; and individual executive coaching to enhance personal effectiveness in execution of official duties.

    Total Hours per week: 74 hours.

    Duty hours should not exceed: 10hrs Saturday, 12hrs Sunday – Thursday, 4hrs Friday

    Ability to speak Arabic highly preferred.

Not quite your cup of tea? For the adventurous, DynCorp International has other job opportunities as well. Unfortunately, most of them seem to be in Baghdad.

As an odd bit of coincidence, DynCorp has an office facility right down the road from my office.



The Whited Sepulchre said...

Why haven't you applied?

Dr Ralph said...

Um, my Arabic is a little rusty.

Plus I've already sold my soul to the military-industrial complex.

Dan Brekke said...

As you probably know, these guys have a big presence in Iraq; they're the more sane, non-evangelical version of Blackwater.