Saturday, September 13, 2008

Experts agree: McCain is a lying bastard

Apparently I'm not the only one who's picked up on the fact that John McCain is a lying bastard: even Republicans have noticed.

Orrin Hatch has decried as "ridiculous" the McCain claim that Obama was referring to the Right's Favorite Hockey Mom when he used the phrase "lipstick on a pig." Says Don Sipple, a Republican advertising strategist, "I think the predominance of liberty taken with truth and the facts has been more McCain than Obama."

Oh my. has repeatedly called out the McCain campaign for playing fast and loose (or not at all) with the truth, including the bullshit "lipstick on a pig story," their claim Obama proposed sex education to kindergarteners (the proposal was actually how to protect against predators), and Sarah Palin's run-ins with reality.

To quote the New York Times: A McCain spokesman, Brian Rogers, said the campaign had evidence for all its claims. "We stand fully by everything that’s in our ads," Mr. Rogers said, "and everything that we’ve been saying we provide detailed backup for — everything. And if you and the Obama campaign want to disagree, that’s your call."

Which to me sounds a lot like a big "Fuck you."


Dan Brekke said...

You know, this is the McCain people adopting the old -- and not exclusively Rovian -- strategy of inventing its own reality. The calculation is if that you shovel fast enough and bury people in a deep enough pile of this manure, they'll kill themselves in the mere effort to dig themselves out. The scary thing is that this *is* the strategy Rove perfected for Bush-Cheney, and it worked. Remember the old Ron Suskind article in The New York Times Magazine in which an unnamed senior administration operative talked dismissively of "the reality-based community." I think it's important that we all point and wave and shout when we see this happening, and encourage our media, such as they are, to do the same. It's the only way not to get buried.

Dr Ralph said...

You are correct - this not an exclusively Rovian manuever. The late Lee Atwater showed himself a master of it years ago. And of course, Nixon.

Once again the Republicans show there is no vat of shit so slimy and fetid they will not climb into if they think it will advance their cause.

We are now witnessing the tragedy of John McCain, who I once had a fair amount of respect for (which is not the same as agreeing with), peel away the layers of his soul in service to his ambition.

An object lesson for all of us, whether he wins or loses.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

This is why I get so bent out of shape over the exagerrated global warming claims, believe it or not.

Politicians, and those who they serve, have discovered that objective reality isn't important. What's important is too say something totally outrageous first.

There's a story about LBJ going over campaign strategy with one of his minions (you and Dan left him out of your roll of Rovian honor, BTW), and Johnson proposes that they go to the media with the story that his opponent is a homosexual.
"We can't do that," the advisor says. "He's not a homosexual."
And Johnson says, "Yeah, but let's make the sonofabitch deny it."

That's what the game is now about.

Dr Ralph said...

Indeed, Johnson was a crafty pol (that's probably generous) but many say the modern era of dirty politics began when Newt Gingrich, as head of GOPAC, issued a memo entitled "Language: A Key Mechanism of Control", a guide to how to demonize their Democratic opponents.