Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Out of pocket

I'll be out of pocket the next few days, journeying with Youngest Son to Fairfax, Virginia where he's about to become a freshman at George Mason University.

We fly out tomorrow morning and Thursday at 8:30 AM he's scheduled to check into his dorm room. I'm not really sure how much use he'll have for me after that. We'll probably run out to K-Mart or Target and get stuff for his room, but other than that, what purpose do I serve? At least during this trip?

Not that I mind being cast aside like that.

He's got new roommates and friends to meet, a new life to reinvent.

Still, it will be a little odd, and a little awkward, as I (representing his old self) slowly fade in the rear view mirror. But it's not a bad thing: you want your kids to be independent, free thinkers.

And in this age of Instant Messaging, email, Skype, Facebook and cellphones, it's a lot easier to stay in touch, even without really thinking about it. Much more so than when I was in school.

So here's to you, offspring. Drop me a line now and again, if if only to ask for money.

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