Sunday, October 03, 2010

Computer games back in the day

It's a sad thing to see stuff you remember as cutting edge now relegated to nostalgia. But better there than forgotten altogether. posted an amusing slideshow / feature entitled 12 Forgotten Online Games a couple of days ago. The kicker was these were all pre-internet

"What?" you say. "There was online before the internet?"

Indeed. Dial up services and games abounded, not to mention the grandfather of all community access, the BBS. I had, at various times, an AOL account (using the pre-Windows client), Delphi and CompuServe. And tons of BBS accounts.

I was never a huge gamer but I recalled several of the games mentioned in the PCMag story, primarily the BBS "door" games; I had an ongoing friendly rivalry with the SYSOP of the Cat's Eye BBS on his Tradewar 2000 game. I also wasted time on LORD (Lord of Red Dragon) and Planets.

My eldest son had a demo account (several, really) on The Realm, which he and one of his friends used to annoy the paying customers.

Feel like a time trip? Many of the games listed are still available in one or another form: several of the BBS door games can be played as web-based versions.

Dust off that 486 and your install disks for Window 3.1 and have fun!

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