Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lamest Apple announcement ever

Yesterday the Apple website breathlessly teased us about an announcement to be made today that promised to change our world.

Today they revealed the Beatles are (finally) available on iTunes.

Are you freaking kidding me?

Don't get me wrong -- I like the Beatles, it's just that this has to be one of the lamest announcements ever.

While the history of the conspicuous absence of the Beatles audio library on iTunes is interesting, in a geeky sort of way, it's not like mp3's of Beatles songs weren't available on the web in great abundance (albeit through unauthorized channels). Any one possessing a CD, borrowed or otherwise, can rip Beatles tunes to their heart's delight. My iPhone is full of Beatles songs. So what?

All this means is now Apple (and whoever owns the rights to the catalog now) makes even more money off Beatlemania.


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Dan Brekke said...

I like the full-page ads they're buying, anyway.