Sunday, May 27, 2012

The voting is over and we have a winner...

Two weeks ago I started a poll to let my readers (you know who you are) decide on which of my on-line representations to use: the Classic (old) Dr Ralph, or the New and not so improved Dr Ralph. Assuming you care, you can read about it elsewhere; I see no point in boring people again.

The voting is over, and the Classic Dr Ralph is the winner by a 7 to 1 margin. Which is to say there were 8 votes: 7 for Classic Ralph, 1 for New Ralph. I have to say, I'm glad we had one contrarian who went for New Ralph.

As someone who spent the first third of his professional life in advertising, I'm not all that surprised. Anyone remember New Coke and the subsequent resurrection of Old Coke (which was quickly dubbed "Coke Classic") in the wake of public outcry? It happened over 25 years ago but is still an instructive object lesson to any one involved in marketing. There are many this primary season who would have benefited from reviewing this case study.

I  particularly got a laugh out of the comment that likened the new photo to a burn victim. Others have said it was just creepy. To which I replied, not as creepy as this photo.

Thanks to all who participated. The bitch is back. 

Now watch your ass.

PS:  To those who would suggest the Classic Dr Ralph looks like Trotsky, I reply with an emphatic oh hell no! 

Colonel Sanders, on the other hand...


Hot Sam said...

Are you saying Colonel Sanders was a commie?

Bravo, Doc.

Yes, I remember the New Coke debacle. It wasn't merely a marketing failure, but a scientific failure. More folks preferred Pepsi to Coke in a single sip, and the additional burst of sugar created an aberration. If they taste tested a whole can or tested the product over a longer horizon, true preferences were revealed.

By the way, the only chain restaurants that still serve Pepsi are the ones OWNED by Pepsi. One of those happens to be KFC. So New Coke/Pepsi wins anyway.

Plus ça change, plus a la meme chosé.

mtaaris said...

I change my vote to KFC Ralph. Or if there was a Ronnie MacDonnie Ralph - oh hell yeah!