Thursday, July 26, 2012

Top 10 things non-Libertarians wished Libertarians knew

My friend and debating partner the Whited Sepulchre helpfully offered a list of the top 12 things Libertarians wished everybody knew. In the spirit of love I figured I'd return the favor by offering up a list of the top 10 things non-Libertarians wished Libertarians knew.

1. History didn't begin ten minutes after you were born. The reason a lot of things are the way they are is to address historic issues you either never heard of or don't consider have anything to do with you. Get some context for a change.

2. Saying things like "Taxes are theft" sounds like crazy-talk to most people. Most people try and avoid people who crazy-talk.

3. You need to choose your political allies more carefully; your biggest political liability are some of your "friends." I'm thinking of Tea Party folks, gun fanatics, Birthers, Climate Change deniers.

4. One rarely wins converts by insulting people. Lecturing people or suggesting they are stupid if they disagree with you falls under the broad definition of insulting behavior. Try listening to the words coming out of your mouth occasionally.

5. "Free trade" is a means to an end, not an end of itself. What exactly is the end you are striving for? If the benefit to you is obvious and to me not so obvious, don't expect a lot of enthusiasm. While most of us enjoy having money, the highest calling of humanity is not to make a buck.

6. Libertarian politicians are politicians first, and Libertarians second. All that stuff you say about politicians? It applies to you, too.

7. Nature abhors a vacuum. Power vacuums are no different. If you want to see what happens with weak governments, go to Afghanistan - or Mexico.

8. An armed society is not a polite society, it is a frightened society. More guns make people more frightened, not less.

9. Subscribing to a philosophy that rationalizes dickish behavior does not excuse *your* dickish behavior. Ayn Rand was an unpleasant person who wrote god-awful books. Why should we care how she justified her unpleasantness?

10. Arguing with Libertarians is often like arguing with fundamentalists. Just because we stop arguing doesn't mean we agree with you.

Please note, these should not be taken as criticism, only ways the Libertarians can become a stronger organization and a force for good.


Gar said...

Well done!
And... uh...

Lisa said...

Love it!

TarrantLibertyGuy said...

Thanks for the tips. I now won't point out how you're wrong.