Monday, February 11, 2013

The internet schools Ron Paul on free enterprise

In a delicious bit of irony (at least from where I sit) the Internet is teaching Ron Paul a thing or two about free enterprise in the Net Economy.

It seems a collection of his fans registered the domain "" a while back and have amassed quite a mailing list through it:  170,000+  email addresses.

Ron Paul now wants to buy it, but considers their asking price much too high. They generously offered him "" for free, but he wants the .com version.

Such is the nature of supply and demand, Dr. Paul.

Refusing the free offer of, and unwilling to pony up the $250,000 the current holders are asking for, the libertarian icon is filing his case with the United Nations World Intellectual Property Organization, demanding the current holders turn over *both* domains to him.

This is, of course, the very same U.N. he was referring to in 1998, when he said: The choice is very clear: we either follow the Constitution or submit to UN global governance. American national sovereignty cannot survive if we allow our domestic laws to be crafted by an international body.

Oh dear.

Not surprisingly, this has not gone down well in some circles.

I, on the other hand, am loving it.

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