Friday, March 27, 2015

A minor epiphany, and a long overdue update

Well, it's been a while.

Life here at Sisyphean Corp has always been a grind, but in the past it always had a modicum of amusement value, as well as the opportunity to do slightly interesting things with the support of a string of pretty good supervisors. I worked hard and had fun. That changed about a year ago.

January 2, 2014, I had a new boss. It didn't take me long to figure out the good times were over.

My second or third one-on-one meeting she said, "I'm not sure I understand exactly what you do, but you seem to have a lot less on your plate than everyone else." It's gone downhill from from there.

It occurred to me the best way for her to find out what I did was to quit, but I need the money.

So last year was pretty depressing. I'll spare you the boring details but I've been in a bit of a funk, to the point where I've rarely felt like writing. Why depress you, too?

I did talk to a couple of recruiters, and even flew to Seattle for an interview with An Unnamed MegaCompany (figure it out yourself). Alas, nothing came of this, but Seattle is certainly a cool place.

And then I had my epiphany: I am growing weary of doing this. My second epiphany: I'm ready to go back to being an artist.

I did a painting workshop back in December given by a friend who's a very good painter and remembered how much I enjoyed making art. After going for several years without picking up a brush, I've made more art in the last 3 months than I had in the previous 5 years. 

It was fun but I felt like a fat former athlete - reeeally out of shape. I did quite a few things that could charitably described as okay but not wonderful. And I've had to re-remember a lot of things I'd forgotten. But I've finally started doing some things that I'm actually not embarrassed to show people.

A couple of weekends ago I dragged a bunch of old paintings out and was alternately charmed and horrified. Some good, some not so good. Sort of like now.

So, I'm not quitting my day job today. Or tomorrow, or next month. But I've decided it's time to start developing a transition plan. 

In the meantime, check my other blog - the one I actually put my name on - and check for postings of paintings. I'll probably be posting more on that one in the months to come. I'll save this site for anonymous musings and the occasional rant.

Stay tuned.

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