Sunday, October 30, 2005


So now that "Scooter" or "Skippy" (or whatever Cheney's former chief of staff was called) Lewis has been indicted for lying, obstructing justice and whatever, he's saying "Golly, it's not that I lied. I just couldn't remember." Sounds like that may be what Karl "the turdblossom" Rove uses as his explanation as well.

Sounds like we are about to have another serious outbreak of ARFS -- Acquired Republican Forgetful Syndrome.

Last time we had an epidemic this big was during Iran-Contra, one of Mr. Reagan's less-mentioned legacies. Tom "the Hammer" Delay, Dr. Bill Frist--all have run afoul of the law. You can bet your bottom dollar we'll be hearing "I forgot" a lot in the months to come.

Unfortunately, we seem to be adrift in a time when the voting public seems to suffer from a related problem: ACTSTC

American Citizens Too Stupid To Care.

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