Monday, November 07, 2005

New Nanowrimo Novel

I've begun this year's Nanowrimo novel and am off to a slow start. Is this a surprise. Happened last year, too.

So far, after a week, I'm hovering at just over 4,000 words. The target number to stay on track is 10,000 words right now. The upside is that after making some notes in church Sunday (instead of paying attention to the sermon) I've got the start of a roadmap, and some of my characters are starting to develop a bit of a life of their own.

That's a good thing.

Ed was good about egging me on to hit word count goals this weekend. Thanks, Ed. We are, by the way, re-watching season 3 of Alias as a prelude to getting the 4th season on DVD.

The new novel's working title is "Purple Haze."

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