Thursday, March 09, 2006

Civics lesson

It started because I was saving myself for Kinky.

The Primaries are over, and I didn't vote (by design) so I could sign the Kinky Friedman petition. I mentioned this (don't ask me why) to my clever 14 year old, and he couldn't understand why I couldn't vote in the Democratic Primary and STILL sign Kinky's petition. I went through this loooong explanation, to which he would periodically insist "But what if I want to vote for the best qualified etc."

You know, the ticket splitter's argument.

To which I would say (again) "You can -- IN the general election." It took a while until I got across the idea that the Primary was for the Parties to choose their respective candidates, and if you didn't want to declare yourself in a particular party, you voted in the general election.

He finally had an "ah ha" moment (that or he got sick of listening to me trying to teach him civics). He probably now understands it better than a large percentage of registered Texas voters, as evidenced by recent elections in my frustrating home state.

For example, Tom (the Hammer) Delay is once again his district's nominee. If he wants to serve the people, he can make license plates as far as I'm concerned.

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