Thursday, March 01, 2007

No more complaining, I promise...

I just noticed I've whined for a solid month about my job. Is that pathetic or not? Anyway, I promise to lay off work topics for at least a month to get back on track. Or I had planned to, anyway.

Then I got the email this morning that said no more non-supported (read: anything other than Microsoft Internet Exploder) would be allowed on company-owned laptops.

Bye-bye Firefox.

I asked our director (very carefully) whose decision this was, and without answering my question in a straight forward way, he let me know it was the work of Beany Countwell, our intrepid CIO (Chowderheaded Incompetent Obstructionist): Mister Smarter/Faster/Better himself. I put together an email stating how we used Firefox's web developer tools as an aid to productivity, but that ain't going change anything.

The Microsoft Nazis have begun to goosestep.

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