Sunday, May 20, 2007

The Cat Master

Time to take a break from ranting (even I get tired of hearing myself bitch) and instead talk about my friend and fellow writer Bonnie Pemberton's new book, The Cat Master.

I'll let you read the reviews at Amazon but it's the story of two brothers (who happen to be cats) battling over who will fill the paws of their late father to be the Cat Master. Along the way, we hear from a host of other animals, including dogs, possums, and a one-of-a-kind lizard.

Talking animals? Yes, but wait, they talk a lot like you and me -- wise-ass, funny and hard-boiled. Although marketed to a middle-school audience, Bonnie says this was not originally intended to be a children's book. My dear wife (the children's librarian) has read the advance copy, as have several of the students at her school, and they all love it. Now that I have a (signed by the author!) hard-back copy I'll be taking turns reading it with the other members of the household.

Today, she had a book-signing and lecture/discussion at the Barnes & Nobles in South Arlington to great acclaim. As a side note, I've been lucky enough to hear the beginnings of the sequel in my writer's group. It should be even more cool.

Congratulations, Bonnie!

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