Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Bush and the Libby commutation: disgust, not rage

Funny thing, when I saw that George W Bush (decider in chief) had commuted convicted felon Scooter Libby's sentence on Monday, my reaction was one of calm disgust rather than a flood of rage at this latest finger in the eye of America. Sort of like how I'd feel watching someone I didn't particularly care for at a party drinking to excess.

You know they'll reach a point where they are no longer cognizant of what other people think and will eventually be found doubled up somewhere, blowing chunks on the host's carpet. When that happens most people's reaction will be disgust, not rage.

Certainly not surprise. You saw it coming, right?

And so it is with the Libby commutation.

Disgusting but not surprising.

I saw a clip of Bush the other day saying he wasn't concerned with his place in history since historians were still arguing about George Washington's presidency.

What the hell???

The interesting thing will now be if Congress has the gumption to exercise their constitutional responsibility and push for an obstruction of justice investigation as it relates to the commutation. My guess is: probably not. I fear it's going to be a long, depressing period as we all wait out this colossal failure called the Bush presidency.

He has the eerie calm of someone so out of touch with reality that they no longer care what happens in the real world. Does Cheney slip some sort of mind-altering drug developed by the CIA in the sixties in his coffee every morning? He's now surpassed Nixon in terms of naked abuse of presidential authority and is arguably the worst chief executive in the history of the nation.

And by the way, I got news for you, Dubya. Once you are finally out of office and people start digging through all that shit you and your cronies have been desperately trying to bury in that litter box of an administration, the only debate going on will be just how awful a president you were.

Happy Fourth of July!


Dan Brekke said...

Great post. You're right -- it's disgust, not rage. The real anger I still feel is reserved for the war. I'm sure you caught the president's performance in Cleveland yesterday, where he talked straight, real straight, about the war to a group of invited guests (modest proposal: no more live coverage of presidential speeches until he has the guts to go out and speak in venues where people who disagree have access). It's just so apparent that nothing that happens and nothing that people say will make him change course; because he knows he's right, after all.

He needs impeachin'. Just to show that some part of the government is responsible to the people who put them there.

Dr Ralph said...

He absolutely should be impeached, but it won't happen.


In a word: Cheney. Unless both the bastards are nailed simultaneously, no one would want to take a chance on (shudder) President Cheney. It would be like having Darth Vader (the old, bad ass Darth) as commander-in-chief. The thought makes my blood run cold.

It's the Dan Quayle defense, learned at his daddy's knee. Choose a VP awful enough, and no one dares wish you out of office.