Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Google AJAX Feed API: yet another example of why Google rocks!

I swear I must be Google's biggest fanboy. It's a little embarrassing, really.

Their latest thing may seem no small feat until you've attempted to take it on yourself: trying to add RSS feeds to web pages. Their Google AJAX Feed API makes it quick and (relatively) easy. You simply insert some JavaScript, request a (free) numeric key, and paste the target feed URL(s) into your html. For the more adventurous, you can, with a little effort, get in and create customized CSS styles to format the feeds to suit yourself.

All relatively simple.

In addition to the AJAX Feed API, they've also got code to integrate search (natch) and Google maps, and a slew of other tasks. They've recreated an amazing collection of tools for the small time web developer, all for free.

Once again, thanks to the wizards at Google!

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