Saturday, September 08, 2007

Latest cool thing I stumbled on - TiddlyWiki

While out wasting time researching on Slashdot the other day, one link led to another until I found myself at the TiddlyWiki site.

TiddlyWiki is a bit of an oxymoron in that it really isn't for collaboration. What it does, is allow you to create a non-linear set of notes on an html page that can be easily edited and linked to each other, like a wiki does. It can be printed, copied or changed.

All TiddlyWiki is, is a web page. A very clever, self-editing, DHTML-enabled web page. To format the text (and create links) requires a fairly simplified markup system (I'm assuming it's more or less standard Wiki markup).

Save it and you're done. Load it on a flash drive and you can take it with you. Oh, and did I mention it's free?

To use TiddlyWiki, you just download an empty TiddlyWiki html page from the TiddlyWiki site and load it in your browser as a local file.

That's it.

No executable, no zip file. Since it's just a web page, it will work on any platform that has modern web browsers, including Windows, Mac OS, Linux, BSD, and others.

TiddlyWiki was created a couple of years ago by Jeremy Ruston, so it's not a new thing. It looks as if an active group of people are supporting it.

The TiddlyWikiWiki (say that fast a few times), a true Wiki, has more information. But the easiest way to find out is just go to the site and play with it. You may find it as cool (and useful) as I did.

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