Thursday, May 08, 2008

Tilting at last towards Obama

After being a Hillary supporter since this election season began, I find myself slowly but inexorably tilting towards Obama. I admire much about her, but it's about time to fold up the tents and quietly do whatever it is she's planning on doing once she finally realizes it's over.

I've grown less and less enthusiastic as she descends into the "say anything" region that abuts the last stop on the campaign.

What finally pushed me over the edge has been this business of the gas-tax holiday, which strikes me as pandering in the worst possible way, not to mention being a bad idea--no, a freaking terrible idea--for any number of reasons better stated elsewhere.

Sorry, my disgust quota has finally been reached.

Steve Colbert's commentary last Monday pretty much summed up the whole situation better than anyone else could have.

What can I say? The man's a flipping genius!

As far as I'm concerned the current price of gas is a classic market-based solution. Let it hit $5 a gallon. No more Hummers!


The Whited Sepulchre said...

1) Welcome to Obamaland....if you absolutely insist on being in that party.
I've been going to Libertarian Party meetings lately, and feel very much at home there. I'm getting tired of holding my nose in the voting booth. Don't know what I'll do in November.

2) Colbert is pure, unadulterated genius.

Dr Ralph said...

Politics, I once read, is the art of the possible.

I have mixed feelings about the Libertarian party. Some of their tenets I'm in agreement with, others not, which seems to be the norm within the LP. Of late there seems to be a tendency to cherry-pick issues that is causing a drift to the right. Still, I imagine the conversation at the meetings would be pretty dog-gone interesting.

I found the World's Smallest Political Quiz on a Libertarian advocacy site.

Growing up in Chicago utterly corrupted my political sensibilities. Turns out I'm a Liberal: surprise, surprise.