Sunday, July 20, 2008

Limoncello update

My limoncello experiment has moved into its second phase: after soaking the lemon zest in 100 proof vodka for around 50 days (longer than I intended, but probably a Good Thing as far as the batch goes), I added the simple syrup, which I made by dissolving 4 cups of sugar in 4 cups of boiling water. After it cooled to room temperature, I added it to the zest slurry and poured in the 2nd fifth of vodka.

After adding all this I have what looks to be an impress amount of limoncello in the offing. It comes almost to the shoulder of the 1 gallon pickle jar all this is soaking in.

The next step, which I'll do around the 2nd week of August, is to strain out the zest and bottle up the concoction.

I'm now in the process of collecting appropriately designed bottles. My preference is those stoppered bottles that have the rubber gasket and the wire frame that locks it shut. I've got a couple I collected that originally contained fancy lemonade and imported beer. I'll probably break down and buy a couple as well.

The final step will be to stick the bottles in the freezer for a week or so. The alcohol keeps it from freezing. Timing on all this revolves around having it ready for my birthday, which is in late August.

I couldn't help myself and had a small taste by licking the spoon I used. Even in its unfinished state I can tell it's going to be good...


The Whited Sepulchre said...

Are you the first person in history to liveblog a batch of limoncello?

Dr Ralph said... usual I'm a miserable also ran.

I don't know who the first person was to blog the whole limoncello experience, but in terms of total geekiness, Ben over at limoncelloquest certainly must rank near the top (and I say that in the best possible way).

Ben said...

lol, that's totally a compliment, thank you