Sunday, May 31, 2009

Brent Beasley is Broadway Baptist's new Senior Pastor

By an overwhelming vote, Broadway Baptist Church has voted to call Dr. Brent Beasley as Senior Pastor. I counted three against - for better or worse, we embrace our knot-heads. Dr. Beasley preached today prior to the congregational vote and gave a thoughtful sermon on the topic of arrivals and departures. He's got a fairly laid back style, and occasionally illustrated his point using a wry self-deprecating humor.

I think I'm going to like this guy.

I was able to meet Brent and his family yesterday at a reception at the church and came away extremely impressed, and look forward to having them as part of our church family.

Brent's young -- around 38; as I stood line last week after the Pastor Search Committee announced his name, I opined that I was going to have to get used to having a pastor younger than me. A grandmotherly type looked over her shoulder and said, "Get used to it, honey."

As I heard it being discussed, Dr. Beasley's first day in the pulpit as senior pastor will be sometime in July. There will, I imagine, be a lot of heart-felt goodbyes at 2nd Baptist of Memphis, where he's leaving. Our gain is their loss.

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Jason N. Patrick said...

I appreciated the sermon on Broadway's website from Dr. Beasley. Listening to Brett's sermons on the internet from 2001 to 2008 was a weekly staple for me, and I am thankful to hear someone with a similar tone back in Broadway's pulpit.