Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Apple iPhone - Weapon of Mass Disruption?

Jailbreaking iPhones is apparently the national pastime. I wouldn't know, since I'm a Nokia man myself (T-Mobile has me by the short hairs).

Since the iPhone's launch in 2007, Apple has had a running battle with hackers who like the cool factor of the iPhone but chaff under the restrictive controls imposed by Apple on how owners can use the freaking thing. Hackers defeat controls, Apple pushes a firmware update to lock things down: repeat ad nauseum.

Now, as a response to the Electronic Freedom Foundation's petition to legalize jailbreaking, Apple is screaming that the modified devices could possibly, maybe be used to disrupt cell phone tower software and create a denial of service. Never mind that millions have already unlocked their phones and we don't seem to have a problem.

Oh please.

I don't know which is more lame -- that Apple would be so desperate as to play the "terrorist card" -- so Bush era -- or they would be so arrogant as to think would-be cell tower disruptors would insist on using nothing but iPhones for their nefarious deeds. Either way, Apple demonstrates once again they have no shame whatsoever.

As usual, it's about (drum roll) the money.

This is why, despite the sexiness of the device, I refuse to get an iPhone. 

Apple has a long history of being control freaks. Just because they wear designer uniforms doesn't mean they aren't Nazis.

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