Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Consumer Reports calls bullshit on Apple

Perhaps you've read Apple's explanation about the recent  "problem" with the iPhone 4's antenna. After user reports that the signal strength bottomed out (causing dropped calls) when the device was held a certain way, Apple issued a statement that the problem was not with the antenna but instead with the software used to report signal strength. Oh, and there's a patch for that in the works.

Not so fast, says Consumer Reports, who declines to recommend Apple's latest wonder because of the problem. Seems their tests reveal it is a problem with the antenna after all. A design flaw, for crissake. Consumer Reports goes on to say problems with dropped calls maybe be more the fault of the iPhone than of much-maligned carrier AT&T.

The comments from Apple owners on the story are typically shrill: "Is this an attempt by CR to increase circulation at Apple's expense? It sure looks like it," and "I am so tired of people putting down my iphone 4."  How pathetic.

In another interesting twist, TUAW is reporting that Apple support forum moderators are deleting all discussion threads that relate to the Consumer Report story.

I like my iPhone (3GS) but I have no use whatsoever for Apple.

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