Tuesday, July 27, 2010

If it's legal, do we still call it "jailbreaking?"

The US Courts have declared that "jailbreaking" your iPhone is a perfectly legal activity.

Apple has been waving its corporate arms and screaming that jailbreaking is illegal -- citing the Digital Millennium Copyright Act -- and making apocalyptic predictions of "potentially catastrophic" cyberattacks by hordes of iPhone-wielding cyber terrorists.

The courts said, "Uh, no."

While Apple is free to declare that jailbreaking voids warranties, it's not against the law. I guess all those Android-toting desperados are now free to switch carriers once their contracts run out, since the iPhone is obviously a much better platform for their nefarious deeds.

You can thank the Electronic Frontier Foundation for this latest bit of sanity in the world of corporate nonsense.


Nick Rowe said...

Apple actually tried to sue Palm for copyright infringement over the "bounce" when you scroll the screen.

They also tried to sue over the pinching motion to zoom the screen in and out.

They are incorrigible. I hear they're suing the NBA over the bounce too.

Dr Ralph said...

Apple: like the products, hate the company.