Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Oracle gets bitch-slapped

Oracle is a relentless devourer of technology companies -- especially competitors. One of their more recent victims has been Sun, the floundering purveyor of Java and the sponsor of OpenOffice.org, a popular open source alternative to Microsoft Office.

There is apparently little love lost between Oracle and the OpenOffice.org community. No doubt observing the unhappy fate of the OpenSolaris project, the OpenOffice.org folks have jumped ship, taking the project with them and setting up a new umbrella organization: the Document Foundation, and rechristening their application suite LibreOffice. They did publicly ask Oracle to donate the "OpenOffice" name to the fledgling group, but I suspect no one is holding their breath waiting for that to happen.

Much is made in some circles about how "evil" Microsoft supposedly is. Compared to Oracle, they're a bunch of freaking panty-waists. Founder Larry Ellison makes no bones about being a bad-ass. To steal a line, he's the prince of fucking darkness.

And I mean that as a complement.

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mtaaris said...

Um- who uses open office and M$ office anymore??????

Google Docs rulz!!!