Saturday, February 05, 2011

My one and only Superbowl post (I promise)

Normally I don't care a fig about the Superbowl.

Many's the time I don't actually know who's playing in it. Of late I'll learn just enough about the outcome to avoid appearing a complete dunce in post-game office discussions.

This year is different the game will be played in Jerry Jones' new monstrosity in Arlington, Texas. By way of illustration of the afore-mentioned Mr. Jones' ego, he's charging people $200 to watch the game on monitors in the stadium parking lot, and calling it the "Superbowl Experience." He's also going to include these pathetic dupes in the headcount for attendance.

This week, North Texas (as with much of the country) has been hit with crushing snow storms and low temperatures. The electric companies have dropped the ball and had to enforce rolling blackouts to households because demand exceeded capacity. Thursday night I flew in to DFW after a business trip and the pilot circled past Cowboy stadium -- all lit up like a fucking Christmas tree.

No blackouts here!

I rarely agree with my friend, The WhitedSepulchre, in matters related to politics, but when it comes to rants about Jerry Jones, he's dead on. While I can't endorse much else on his blog, read his take on our recent weather and the Superbowl -- the man is a god-damn Old Testament prophet.

I wasn't planning on watching the game but was informed this morning by my beloved wife that we are invited to a Superbowl party. Since normally I don't care much for pro football, deciding who to root for is problematic. My take is one has to have some reason, no matter how slim, to justify one's choice.

For some people this comes down to finances: they have money on the game. Left with no other criteria, I go with regional loyalty. With college games. I'll support a Texas team over a non-Texas team, a team from a bordering state over a non-bordering state -- you get the picture. Grudges (no matter how stupid or ancient) are allowed to be factored in. I will NEVER root for UT Austin after the 55-0 drubbing they gave TCU my freshman year.

Pro games are harder, but thanks to Mr. Jones, I will always support Dallas's opponent.

With this year's game, I had to dig deeper, but finally decided to root for the Green Bay Packers. While I have nothing in particular against the Steelers, Wisconsin borders Illinois and I lived for 10 years in the Chicago area. Even more compelling is they are the only non-profit, community-owned major league professional sports team in the United States.

Let the game begin!


Dan Brekke said...

The Packers beat the Bears (and shouldn't have!). The Bears are my team (my dad once played for them -- tuba in the marching band (true story)). Therefore I shall be pulling for the Steelers (among the reasons I've heard to root against Pittsburgh this week is its quarterback's appalling history of alleged abusive behavior toward women; nevertheless, he has not recently abused the Bears). I will mention on the other side of the ledger the Green Bay QB is a graduate of the University of California, reputedly a swell guy from the little town of Chico, and fun to watch play (I'm not letting any of that sway me, unless maybe I do).

Dr Ralph said...

Yours is a textbook example of how the grudge factor should be weighed. You are absolutely correct to pull for the Steelers.