Saturday, February 05, 2011

Sarah Palin - registered trademark

This just in from several sources: Sarah Palin, former Alaska governor, failed vice-presidential candidate, political pundit and reality television star, is attempting to trademark herself. No, I am not kidding you.

Reuters helpfully points out, "Legal experts said it is relatively unusual for politicians to formally trademark their names because they are generally not associated with commercially valuable products or services." That has to be the money quote for the day.

Mainstream Republicans everywhere are probably heaving sighs of relief everywhere since this can be taken as a sign that Sarah Palin the former governor of Alaska has privately concluded she doesn't have a snowball's chance in hell of being the 2012 GOP presidential candidate, much less a shot at actually getting elected.

Henceforth all speaking, campaigning, prophesying and general self-promotion should now be considered commercial activity, not political.

While it's doubtful that Sarah Palin the former governor of Alaska will actually succeed in her quest (latest setback: she, uh, forgot to sign the form), it is remotely possible.

To get in on the goldrush, you might want to jump in and register some internet domains that could be valuable in the upcoming Sarah-centric universe. I did a little research, and while I can't afford to speculate in domains (I'm already overextended), you might want to.

Not surprisingly,, and are already taken. Currently they are parked. It's hard to say for sure, but that would seem to be compelling evidence someone other that You Know Who has them. was registered on April 26. 2004, and were registered March 12, 2008. The fact that they are all registered with different registrars would also suggest this is the work of multiple individuals.

Ex-Governor: you snooze, you lose

The closest thing to an official site is, which is the Sarah Political Action Committee site (her slush fund). and are parked, too, but since all three were created on the same day with the same registrar I'm willing to bet her organization secured them as well.

With all this prime real estate already taken, what's a domain squatter to do? Consider the following:

  • (and .org, .net) : This term was thrown around in the 2008 election and could make a comback
  • (and .org, .net) : Not exactly the most exciting, but descriptive
  • (and .org, .net) : Not exactly the most exciting, but descriptive
  • (and .org, .net) : Not surprisingly, the .com is already taken but .net and .org are still loose - I would have thought someone on her team would have registered these as defensive measures. They will regret this failure to act, I predict
  • (and .org, .net) : ALL GONE! No doubt the nod to "Who is John Galt" appealed to someone with Libertarian sympathies.
  • (and .org, .net) : I actually like this one - it plays with whole trademark thing and has a subtle Harry Potter wink as well.
Okay - I've done the research; it's up to you now.

Commercial plug: if you have more than a few domains you control or are a domain reseller, let me recommend you investigate the good folks at, a subsidiary of Network Solutions. While not the best solution for individual registrations, if you have multiple domains, they could save you money.

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