Monday, April 11, 2011

Freedom's just another word for wallowing in our own crap

Gizmag (which I've not visited before) has an article entitled "EU plan to phase out 'conventionally fueled' cars by 2050," which describes a whitepaper outlining plans to reduce reliance on foreign oil imports, cut emissions by 60%, and increase the availability of public transportation.

Those damned socialists!

Of course we never need to worry about that happening here. Look at the uproar from the various factions of the Sorehead party when people proposed phasing out incandescent bulbs in favor of more energy-efficient light sources. Force them to give up their gas guzzlers?

Hell no!

No...we'd rather breath brown crap while creeping forward at 5 miles an hour on freeways that look like parking lots. And continue to destroy our shorelines and wilderness area by drilling for ever-dwindling oil reserves, while paying god-knows how much for a gallon for gas.

Because no one can tell *us* what to do!


Flee said...

Well when you look at where our country is in terms of the history of the world wouldn't we be considered teenagers? Spoiled teenagers?

Dr Ralph said...

Well said!