Sunday, April 10, 2011

Glenn Beck: now what?

Glenn Beck is now officially too crazy for Fox News.

Who'd a thunk it?

While the Washington Post trumpeted  in its Entertainment section the split between Beck and Fox would "dissolve a 27-month marriage beset by outside pressures and internal tensions,"  the Fox News website  tactfully noted in the Business News, "the show has been losing viewers recently."

Who says advertiser boycotts don't work?

Well, this is old news. What I'm wondering is what the Mad Prophet will do next? Radio is an obvious answer, but without Beck's visuals (chalkboard, tears, pacing the set), that's bound to get boring before long. Americans may have have a love affair with freak shows but they like to see the object of their affection in living color.

My prediction is this will play out as it does with other celebrity freak shows: escalating crazy (until the public gets bored with that), followed by a reboot of the story arc in the form of some sort of dramatic transition to get the ratings back up:checking in or out of rehab, a diagnosis of some  mental issue that explains their previous wackiness, or religious or political conversion.

That or he'll off himself.

Given his history, none of the above would be a stretch. The next six months should be interesting.

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