Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Stealing elections the high-tech way

George W Bush (arguably) stole the 2000 election thanks to that festering pustule of corruption known as the state of Florida. It was only the horror of 9-11 and our country's need to unite that he got away with such a blatant bit of thievery.

Well, say this for Dubya - he figured out he'd never get away with the same trick twice. 

Why leave physical evidence (like actual ballots) when it's so much easier to steal the high-tech way. With the introduction of electronic voting and a dedicated group of criminal supporters, a person can swing a lost election and leave nary a hanging chad.

Read about how the 2004 election was stolen electronically by hacking voting machines in Ohio. Court filings are just now starting to reveal how it was done.

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