Saturday, July 30, 2011

There are more important things to worry about than money

The great circus sideshow that is our political process continues to be about the "debt ceiling." It's like the cliff-hanger ending at the end of a mediocre reality show. The self-aggrandizing and self-righteous Tea Party wing of the Republican party is hell-bent on driving the school bus off the cliff to make a point.

Stephen Colbert sums it up nicely:

Meanwhile, not a peep from much of anyone about such things as the tracking of American citizens via cell phones, warrantless wiretapping, or other Bush era shenanigans now taken over by the present administration (Wired has more on this).   I guess the Tea Party is okay with this sort of thing as long as it doesn't raise anyone's taxes.

The Romans learned a long time ago the best way to distract the citizenry from the signs of their crumbling republic was with circuses. I'd say that lesson was not lost on our present elected officials.

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