Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11 - Ten years later

The word "anniversary" doesn't feel right - anniversaries are something I associate with joy.

I don't feel qualified to make any profound observations or pontificate on the significance of today. I'll leave that to others.

Instead, let me point you to a piece in the New York Times entitled "Mom's Last Lesson," written by a friend who lost his brother at the Pentagon that day.

Today's Doonesbury pretty much nailed it, too.

For the record, I'm leaving my TV off today, too. I rewatched that horrible footage way more than was healthy when it first aired.

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Gar said...

Well done! I considered writing something very similar, but yours was much more diplomatic than the meandering wondering wanderings that were going through my head.

I was never brave enough to hit the publish button. I just couldn't express it. I like the comic.