Thursday, November 08, 2012

The Boulevard of Broken Dreams, a.k.a, Mitt jumps the gun

Well, I certainly can't fault him for preparing this in the first place. Leaving it where someone can use it to ridicule and generally add insult to injury - now that's a different matter.

I am, of course, referring to the premature (by several lifetimes) launch of Team Romney's Transition Website, screen-captured in all its glory by Taegan Goddard and shared on his Political Wire website. See more pages on Political Wire, including a jobs page (you too can join Team Romney!), and Mitt's plans for his inauguration.

Taegan Goddard says, "The site was quickly taken down but I saved screenshots."   I can't thank Taegan enough, no to mention the low level web tech who forgot to take down the site right after Mitt conceded.

As a web pro, I don't fault him for creating a site - things like this don't happen overnight. What I do object to is the pompous, arrogant tone, which screams, "You people have had your fun - the grownups are here now to clean up your mess."

If Mitt had actually won, I'd have probably found this site teeth-grindingly obnoxious, but since he didn't, it's one of the purest examples of Schadenfreude I've been able to experience in a while.


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