Saturday, November 17, 2012

Would you like whine with your dinner?

I confess, I'm ready to be done with the 2012 election. I'd feel this way regardless of the outcome.

Unfortunately, conservatives can't quite let go. The recriminations and finger-pointing are in full swing - amusing but eventually tiresome.

Latest members of the Sore Loser Club are restauranteurs John Schnatter, CEO of Papa John's Pizza, and Zane Tankel, who owns 40 or so Applebee's Restaurants in the metro New York City area. Both are incensed that Mitt Romney's loss means ObamaCare is no longer going to be dismantled.

Tankel has announced he'll start firing employees and stop building restaurants. Of course, he's a franchisee, so it remains to be seen if parent company Applebee's will fill the gap with other franchise holders. Applebee's International president, Mike Archer, said Tankel's remarks, "were not the views or opinions of either Applebee's or other franchisees, although we respect his right to speak freely as an American." He went on to add that Applebee's and its franchisees "recognize that affordable health care is a critically important issue facing our country."

Elsewhere, Papa John's John Schnatter has announced ObamaCare will end up adding a whopping 14 cents to the cost of every pizza! Caleb Melby of Forbes did his own math and put the figure at more like 4 cents a pizza, then pointed out that Papa John's announced earlier this fall that it was going to give away 2 million pizzas. The biggest beneficiary of this kerfluffle? Small locally owned pizza shops, and customers, who now have a disincentive to eat sauce-covered cardboard.

Not to be outdone, John Metz, a Florida franchisee of late-night drunkard fave Denny's stated he would be forced to add an "ObamaCare surcharge," to his menu prices, as well as cut employee hours so as to make them ineligible for insurance coverage. Parent company Denny's was quick to issue a statement that, "while we respect the decision of an independent business owner to speak out on this topic, these statements do not capture the respect by Denny's, the Denny's Franchisee Association or our franchise community at large for our hardworking employees or for our valued customers."

Jon Stewart did an insightful riff on all this the other night, perfectly demonstrating the dickishness of these and other whiny bozos. Not to be overlooked: Stewart pointing out that if we'd gone with a single provider plan (i.e. the Canadian model), these jack-legs wouldn't have to provide benefits at all.

You think, having seen the stink that arose after Chik-fil-A COO Dan Cathay's ruminations about same-sex marriage, these clowns would know enough to keep their mouths shut, no matter how backwards their opinions were.

Apparently not.

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