Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Pandora -- the music service

One of the cool things about having kids is when they turn you on to something you might have missed on your own and vice versa.

The other day my 15 year old told me about Pandora, a new music streaming music service that lets you build custom channels by giving it artists or songs. It then plays music that meets your preferences, based on attributes your song or artist has. This is based on work by the Music Genome Project.

While not infallible (it can't read your mind), Pandora is still pretty cool. The player is web browser/Flash-based and should work on any platform that support Flash. I've tested on Windows (XP) and Linux (Mandriva 10 and SUSE 10). Presumably MacOS will function as well. The music selector does a reasonably good job. You can add additional sample songs/artists to fine tune the criteria used to select.

It tends to play a good mix of the fairly well known and somewhat obscure (nice from my point of view), and occasionally makes some interesting connections between things.

Give it a listen!

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