Friday, June 02, 2006

Fw: quick response

From Mr. Adams Osei
Address: No: 23 East Legon Accra Ghana
Telephone: + 233-242-110-400
Fax Number: + 44-870-912-1817

My name is Adams Osei .I am in charge of Treasury Bills in the Bank of Ghana. I don’t know if you know about treasury bills in Ghana. Businessmen and companies both foreign and locally purchase these bills from the Bank of Ghana and it matures after every 3months with 13% interest rate. The interest with the principal is paid to the holder with a cheque/draft of Bank of Ghana payable with any of the approved banks in Ghana.

In most cases, holders of this bills do not come for their interests as a result of deaths, transfer, lack of information and mismanagements /liquidations incase of foreign companies. As a result of this development, I have a lot of accumulated interests on some abandoned bills for so many years. These interests has been floating in our system and I have been looking for a very respected businessman who lives and work abroad, whom I can use as the beneficiaries of these Interests on over matured bills with Bank of Ghana.

If you agree to work with me without any betrayals. I will take your Particulars and process one or two Interest payment and the money will be released to you through any of the approved commercial banks in Ghana.

There are so many bills that have over mature interests, which has been liquidated by me, waiting for a reliable person to use as beneficiary. Some of the files has as much as $1m,$2m, $6m, $2.5m,$10m etc .If you are interested, you tell me what file you will want us to start with because I want some thing that we can start and finish in a couple of days ,then we take up another.

I am ready to be honest with you and I hope you will also do the business in absolute honesty. If you are interested, respond to me by this email, fax or you can call me on phone let us talk.

The business will be continuous, so it demands absolute quietness and honesty.

Adams Osei

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