Monday, February 19, 2007

Last week I took a 50% pay cut

Last week I put in an 88 hour week.

I didn't like it but it was a necessary evil in my line of work. Furthermore, I have no illusions that I'll be taking any comp time either. Today was supposedly a holiday and I ended up working at least 4 hours from home.

I had one of those sad realizations that seem to come to me so often about my job -- sort of a mathematical thing.

My salary is based on me working 40 hours a week (yeah, right). If I work for 80+ hours and get no other compensation or comp time, I've effectively taken a 50% pay cut for the week. Do the math.

Beany Countwell, our CIO (Chief Income Outsourcer) loves to go on about working Faster/Cheaper/Better. What it really means is finding assholes like me who'll work massive amounts of unpaid overtime to fuel his bonus.

Keep your merit raise. Just pay me for the hours I actually work.

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Dan said...

What is it the faster/cheaper/better types like to say? "Work harder, not smarter"? Been there. r