Monday, November 19, 2007

Newsweek=Karl Rove=Cancel My Subscription

I swear I must be the last person to hear anything. This morning D called to me from the bedroom to ask if I'd heard that Karl Rove had been hired as a columnist at Newsweek. The man known as "Bush's Brain" and "Turd Blossom" thinks he'll acquire a veneer of respectability at the hands of Newsweek. Sorry assholes, not going to work for me.

I replied, "I guess we'll be cancelling our subscription."

I went to the Newsweek site (you're going to have to Google for it, I refuse to link to them) to find subscriber services and saw I was not the only outraged reader -- all of the comments for the current issue were about this deal born of the devil.

More telling was how slow the subscriber services site was -- it took about 10 minutes to load. Must be, ahem, experiencing higher than usual load.

I have no problem with conservative commentators. Karl Rove is not a commentator; he's a political thug, a Machiavellian hitman who has shown there is no slimey trick he is above if it means the difference between victory and defeat. He's not a patriot--he's a bum.

Newsweek, have you no shame?

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Dan Brekke said...

"A Machiavellian thug." That's an excellent description.

Also of note: Who owns Newsweek? Last I checked, it was The Washington Post Company. What in the world are *they* thinking (beyond the predictable -- there's money in controversy)?