Thursday, June 12, 2008

Dallas -- up to its usual tricks

Dallas has made great strides over the last 40 some odd years, transforming itself from the City of Hate to the City of Pretentious White Arseholes (I say this in the Spirit of Christian Love, of course).

There is a rather unseemly stretch of road in Big D called Industrial Boulevard which has the Better Element (read: white business community) feeling a little embarrassed. You know -- rundown businesses, strip joints, massage parlors, bars that don't cater to the expense account crowd. Every city has these eyesores.

The Great White Godfathers' solution: rename it.

Maybe they are hoping the cost of getting new letterheads and business cards with the new address will be enough to push these marginal operations over the economic edge, so they can swoop in with a sub-prime loan, buy the offending property up and ($$$).

It's hard to say what goes on in those inscrutable little brains of theirs.

To build a little public support, they sponsored an online poll, foolishly thinking only rich North Dallas had internet connects to vote with. Instead of something that sounded like a meandering road in a gated community, the good citizens of Dallas overwhelmingly voted to rename the road "Cesar Chavez Boulevard."


Now a lot of furious backpedaling is taking place amongst some members of the Trinity River Project Committee, which is (as usual in Dallas) now split along ethnic lines. The three Latino members are arguing the poll results should be respected. The Old Guard wants something along the lines of "River Boulevard," or "No Hookers Here Parkway."

One comment on a news story said they should just call it "Post-Industrial Boulevard."

I sort of like that.

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