Friday, June 13, 2008

Why gas needs to hit $10 a gallon, part 2

I was reading the Dallas Morning Snooze this morning and happened to flip to the letters to the editor, where I read the following from 'Bob' of Irving:

    "In your editorial that demeans large vehicles, you admit to a limited use for SUVs and pickups, e.g.: "People have to haul stuff." There are also other reasons, one of which is primary in my decision to continue to drive my Hummer.

    I consider the premium that I pay for its 10 to 12 mpg over that of a mini-vehicle's 35 to 40 mpg to be a part of my family's health insurance. If you in your Yaris or ForTwo try to occupy the same space that my family's H2 is occupying on Stemmons Freeway, I win.

    You will most likely spend your gas savings on CareFlite and in a local intensive care unit, while, on the other hand, I will look in the mirror to see just what that speed bump was."

You win?

As when you allow this automotive obscenity to careen into some poor innocent who made the mistake of buying a sensible car? Is that what you are saying?

What the bloody hell?

I don't really care if your manhood needs some form of Detroit-engineered compensation--I really don't. But I don't like seeing over 4,000 of my fellow citizens dying in Iraq so you can afford to fill that honking big 32 gallon tank with cheap gas. And I don't like spending $530,000,000,000 (and counting) to pay for a military adventure so you can continue to get 9 miles to the fucking gallon on the highway.

I look forward to the day when you are forced to live in that piece of shit after you sell your house to buy it gas.

Better hope you got the indoor toilet option package -- you're going to need it.

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