Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Southern Baptist Convention to Broadway Baptist: We are not amused

The Southern Baptists are meeting in Indianapolis this week (they've been slowly creeping North for years) and playing "What Would Jesus Do?" They've decided He wouldn't be a fan of Broadway Baptist in Fort Worth (where they tolerate me, despite my decidedly UnBaptist views).

The delegates approved a proposal by William Sanderson of Hephzibah Baptist Church in Wendell, North Carolina, to declare Broadway not "in friendly cooperation" with the SBC, a quaint way of putting things. Normally, they would have just voted to kick out Broadway's delegates, except none showed up to be kicked out.

That must have been frustrating.

How unfriendly and uncooperative.

The fact that Broadway has openly gay members and hasn't been swallowed up by the earth or destroyed in a rain of fire and brimstone must be especially irksome to ol' Bill and the crowd in Indy. We did have roof damage a couple of years ago after a hailstorm. Does that count?

I am reminded of the joke about a recently deceased soul being given the nickel tour of Heaven by St. Peter. After being shown the Jews, the Muslims, the Hindus and the Buddhists, St. Pete held his finger to his lip. "I'll show you the Baptists next but we have to be very quiet. They think they're the only ones up here."

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Dan Brekke said...

Important note: You haven't been consumed by fire and brimstone *yet.*

Speaking of fire (and other sorts of heavenly and earlthy ordnance): When I first read the name of that Tarheel church, I thought it was Hezbollah. ...