Monday, October 13, 2008

The Base

One of the interesting things to have happened as McCain slowly sheds supporters is that we have an opportunity to get a better look at the Republican Base, since everyone else is slowly creeping out of the tent. Thanks to the Embarracuda, the Base still flock to the rallies, where they scream "Terrorist!" and "Kill him" at the mention of Obama.

The Base: Jesus lovin', God-fearin', flag-wavin', red-meat-eatin', gun-totin', cousin-marryin', anyone-different-than-them-hatin'. Oh they are something. Primarily intolerant and mean-spirited.

John McCain has finally found his sense of shame, at least for the moment, and has tried to cool some of the more foaming-at-the mouth rhetoric of his supporters recently, and was booed by his own crowd. It remains to be seen how long the new civility lasts.

The base doesn't really like McCain. Now Sarah Palin...that's another matter. Rumor has it the Powers That Be are already grooming her for 2012, on the assumption this race is already lost. After all, she's a perfect specimen of the Base.

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Dan Brekke said...

Yes -- *very* disturbing. I was telling my dad that one of the ugly crowds was in Minnesota, and he, a native of the Land of 10,000 Lakes, said, "Minnesota? Really?" These folks, and especially the Running Mate, are reaping what they've sown. We'll see about McCain, though -- whether he really tries to quash the ugliness of the crowds or just uses it to project himself as a Decent American.