Sunday, October 26, 2008

Election Day - 9 days and counting

I voted yesterday. The 2008 election is now a little more than a week away.

Usually I like to wait for election day, because I like the sense of civic camaraderie that comes from standing in line at the polling place. In Texas (and in more and more states), one can vote early without any reason. Across the country, many of my fellow citizens have also voted early, hoping to avoid getting caught in what could be a record high turnout.

As is my habit, I did not choose the straight party option, although I always end up voting for all the Democrats who run. This year I did vote for one (unopposed) Republican judge who used to be a Democrat, and some Libertarian judge running against a Republican with no Democratic opposition.

I've been watch the polling figures on RealClearPolitics and keeping my fingers crossed. Things look good, but a lot can change in a week. That's another way early voting has changed elections -- it's lessened the effect of last minute surprises that can potentially sway the uncommitted.

Despite what certain candidates would have you believe, the voting booth is the real America, no matter where it is.

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