Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Final (thank god) Debate

I watched the final debate tonight, thankful it was the last.

Tonight instead of PBS, I happened to watch it on CNN where they again had a group of "undecided" voters with the instant polling gizmos. The men seemed to prefer McCain, the ladies liked Obama. Gimmicky but moderately interesting to watch.

McCain came out with a roar but sort of petered out. Perhaps it was past his bed time. Obama did his usual slow and measured performance -- no fireworks but he made no discernible mistakes. Alas, my friend the Whited Sepulchre had not the time or will to liveblog it, but he did record his impressions after the fact.

After a while I found myself sick of hearing about Joe the Plumber. I'm not sure Senator McCain served his campaign well by marrying himself to the image of a plumber's crack, since after the third mention that's what came to my mind every time he pulled ol' Joe out of his rhetorical rucksack.

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Dan Brekke said...

I think Christopher Hitchens, our problematic ally, got it right when he said his one wish was that the election could happen today and so spare us the indignity of the coming weeks.

I watched just part of the debate on CNN at work, and was really fascinated by the "people meter" they had. It registered the impression of "uncommitted Ohio voters," and was split by gender. Interesting: The gals seemed to really be receptive to Obama. The men, not nearly as much.

We're gonna have to suffer through these final weeks, indignities and all.