Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Goodbye...and Hello


Three of the sweetest words I know: "Former President Bush." Still, in the interest of saying something nice about the man, I was pleasantly surprised to see he didn't issue a last minute pardon to Scooter Libby, or much of anyone else, for that matter.

Boo-yah, Scooter.

...and Hello

Meanwhile, all of Washington and a large percentage of the rest of the world came to see Obama inaugurated. Popular Science magazine has an amazing satellite photo of the crowds.

Chief Justice John Roberts manage to flub his lines during the oath of office. Obama paused, then repeated the flub back to Roberts. This gave Chris Wallace, smirking simulacra of a journalist, the chance to opine sonorously on Fox News as to whether the 44th President was indeed the 44th President.

Memo to Chris -- he retook the oath later, so fuck you.

Wednesday, Hillary Clinton was confirmed by a 94-2 vote of the Senate as Obama's secretary of state, despite John Cornyn's insistance he was not completely satisfied with the Bill's library donations. Cornyn eventually voted for her, after John McCain told his GOP colleagues it was time quite screwing around. Voting against Clinton's nomination was yet another well-known Senate john -- Louisiana Republican David Vitter.


Flee said...

I don't think he is the answer to all our problems and I will not agree with everything he does but YEAH!!!I think he might have to redo the redo as he did not have his had on a bible the second time!

Dr Ralph said...

Flee: sorry, but while the oath of office may be there, nowhere does the Constitution mention taking the oath with a Bible.

Flee said...

Oh I know, I thought he was fine after Roberts messed up the first oath. When Obama paused it seemed like he was giving Roberts a chance to correct himself. I joked to my husband I wondered which republican would be the first to challenge the legitimacy of his presidency. The time and money they spend trying to bring down the liberal left could be so better used and might make them seem less morally bankrupt.

The Whited Sepulchre said...

I had to work through the whole thing, so I didn't get to see the oath flub.

But they spent 150 million dollars, and John Freakin' Roberts couldn't get the oath right?

Dr Ralph said...

It's the old TV Game show syndrome -- you can shout out every answer in the world from the safety of your sofa, but get on camera in front of an audience and the brain freezes.

I'm going to avoid any cheap cracks about strict constructionism...