Saturday, February 14, 2009

A Rose by any other name can still draw blood

This just in...

Blackwater, America's favorite secretive private "security" (read: paramilitary) corporation has decided to change its name.

Henceforth the company name is "Xe." Officials helpfully point out this is pronounced "zee."

Which is interesting since Erik Prince's little business venture already developed quite a name for itself as the Bush administration's mercenary army in Iraq.

Not a particularly good name -- they've been accused of atrocities, killing innocent civilians, weapons smuggling, intimidation of US politicians, all on our nickel, and that's just for starters. The Iraq government no longer allows them in the country. Like other creatures that live on death and decay, Blackwater doesn't especially like the harsh light of publicity.

So what do they do to restore their good name?

They change their name.

The cynic in me says this practically unpronounceable name is designed to keep the average person from talking about the company as it rebrands itself as...whatever.

From a marketing point of view I think this is a bad move for the company. They need a name that is memorable and descriptive. I'd like to suggest The-Company-Formerly-Known-As-Blackwater-Crazed-Unaccountable-Fascist-Paramilitary-Killer-Nutjobs-for-Hire.

If that's just a little too long for the company website, how about Cluster-Fuckers?


The Whited Sepulchre said...

You have the software.
You have the skills.

But you haven't designed their logo.
The Nation waits....

Dr Ralph said...

They asked me, but said they'd have to kill me when I was finished.

(Old joke, I know)