Thursday, March 12, 2009

Don't let the door hit your ass on the way out.

Ayn Rand is to Conservative/Libertarian Free Market True Believers what Mary Baker Eddy is to Christian Scientists (or is that what L. Ron Hubbard is to the Scientologists?).

She is the originator and high priestess of "Objectivism," a religious cult for the non-religious which elevates the individual's tendency to be a self-absorbed, selfish prick to evidence of the divine. Its major tenet, boiled down to layman's terms, is "Fuck you, I got mine." As a side note, despite Libertarians' commendably progressive views on gay rights, Rand's views on homosexuality were considerably less enlightened: she held that it was immoral and disgusting.

Some of her prophets (profits?) include Milton Friedman, Alan Greenspan, and pretty much the entire Cato Institute. As you might imagine, she's very popular on Wall Street and in Board Rooms all across America.

The Randistras' Bible is her novel "Atlas Shrugged," where in all the world's leading industrialists and businessmen, led by the protagonist John Galt, go on strike, leaving the world to fend for itself without them.

Once again Stephen Colbert delivers the goods with his brilliant commentary in the March 11 edition of The Word.

If the Captains of Industry running the financial and automotive industries and their free market mouthpieces fancy themselves a bunch of John Galts, picked on by the looters and moochers, I say let'em go away on strike, to some hideaway where they can be smug and wait for the rest of civilization to collapse

If they're looking for an island, may I suggest Alcatraz?

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