Tuesday, March 17, 2009

George Mason Visit - Day 1

Arrived in Washington, DC today around 3:30 and after getting bags, picked up our rental - an incredibly underpowered Toyota Yaro - and drove into Fairfax, Virginia.

Our hotel was next to Giant Foods. Maybe it's my own shelf-stocking days, but I love going to grocery stores in different cities. They reveal much about the character of a place. We promptly loaded up with miscellaneous snacks, drinks and the like.

After dinner at the Bombay Cafe, an Indian restaurant with an amazing $5 dinner buffet, we meandered around in Fairfax, until we finally found George Mason University. Unfortunately, it was (a) dark and (b) packed with cars for tonight's NCAA playoff game (go Patriots). We did manage to drive by the as-yet unfinished Volgenau School of Information Technology.

Tomorrow: more fun.

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