Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Web stats and other naval gazing

I confess I've been shamelessly whoring for hits the last week or so by continuing to post updates re: the Stephen Colbert / NASA Node 3 naming game. Over half my traffic came from searches on Google for "Colbert NASA" or some variant. As of this evening I'm the 6th and 10th search result on Google for those terms.

Amazing. It shows just how popular this particular meme has become.

Web stats generated by Google Analytics and Stat Counter (both free services) showed "Colbert" and "NASA" were the top search terms. Below are some of the more interesting places from where visitors came.

  • housegate10.house.gov
  • gnat.generalmills.com
  • unallocated-(xxxxxxx).mcafee.com
  • (xxxxxxx).google.com
  • (xxxxxxx).larc.nasa.gov

Although Colbert / NASA are popular, other persistently popular pages include one on fixing up hard drive partition issues (I get a lot of foreign visitors for this one) and for a while, a page republishing some piece of spam I got.

For about a week, that one drew a bunch of hits from the Department of Homeland Security.


Thanks, Stephen. I wonder what the next big thing will be.

(Updated with a couple of new visitor hostnames -xxx's mask identifiable info.)

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